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We develop integrated direct marketing campaigns based on your unique target market, goals and budget. We focus on increasing your sales and revenue growth.

Lead Generation – Keep your sales pipeline full with the highest quality leads at the lowest cost.

Email Marketing List Recommendations – Receive custom tailored email list recommendations designed especially for your target market.

List Brokerage – Gain access to over 80,000 direct mail and email lists in all categories such as business lists, technology lists, consumer lists and Canadian and international lists.

Media Services – Leverage Marketry's three decades of results-oriented direct marketing experience to generate the highest ROI for your online media campaigns program.

Behavioral Intent Targeting – Identify and analyze prospective customers based on content downloads and visitor behaviors.

Database Solutions – Retain, manage and grow your existing customer relationships though a full range of analytic solutions.

List Management – See how we can help you generate income from your list assets.

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