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Project Description:

Operating System, Server & Application Suites Software Publisher Indirect Sales Program


One of the world's leading software publishers needed help targeting software users and purchasers of small- to medium-sized businesses with messaging about the importance of software asset management procedures and proper licensing.


Marketry was enlisted to develop a thorough direct mail media plan that reached business owners and executives with software purchase authority in several U.S. markets. Industry, title/function, and company size recommendations were made from a combination of list sources. Further, Marketry assembled an analytical team to assist with statistical modeling and a ROI measurement system for each use of each list segment by areas such as industry, list source, and metro marketing area. The model was validated with further tests. Segments thought to be unproductive were proven as revenue generators and less productive segments excluded.


ROI from this program was calculated to be so high that budget was re-allocated from more traditional software marketing channels to this program, further improving our client’s bottom line. ооо полигон адрескупить асерfree professional translationленово ноутбуки

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