Avoiding Spam Filters

E-mail filters, firewalls, and “junk box” software use various techniques to reduce the volume of unwanted e-mail. The most common method involves scanning and comparing the contents of incoming e-mail (subject, sender and body text) to known spam characteristics and user-defined settings.

By analyzing multiple filtering programs as well as monitoring inboxes at the major Internet Service Providers (ISPs) we have gained knowledge of the most common filter triggers. Most single elements alone are not enough to get a message blocked. However, the words, phrases and techniques below should be avoided. They all have the potential to generate “spam points” that can lead to a message being blocked or sent to the bulk/junk folder.

Words and Punctuation to Avoid in the E-mail Subject Line

  • guaranteed
  • invite/invites
  • approved
  • urgent
  • win/winner/ winning/won
  • professional
  • save/saving/ savings
  • join
  • “FREE” (capitalized)
  • any subject line that’s completely capitalized
  • exclamation points or question marks
  • deal, deals
  • “gappy” text (e.g., R.S.V.P)
  • dollar signs
  • “now only”
  • gift / gifts
  • online/internet
  • hello
  • sweepstakes
  • wait/waiting
  • new
  • special
  • trial
  • get/getting
  • immediately
  • marketing
  • complimentary

Language to Avoid within the Body Copy

  • prize/prizes
  • opportunity
  • remove
  • full refund
  • guarantee/ guaranteed (especially capitalized)
  • no obligation
  • marketing partners
  • compete
  • our privacy policy
  • money back
  • Dear Friend (or other generic term)
  • free sample/preview
  • opt out/opt in
  • new customers only
  • no cost
  • Absolutely/completely free
  • for free
  • limited time offer
  • one time e-mail/offer
  • [a verb (e.g., add/lose/make)] up to “X” or more
  • risk free
  • act now
  • get it now/get started now
  • order now
  • you have been selected

By avoiding these common spam triggers, you’ll increase the likelihood that your message will be delivered to the inbox without interruption.

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